Stewardship Of Our Children’s Earth

The flooding and extreme weather we have seen in Tennessee and across the South are sobering reminders of how devastating climate change can be in our daily lives, especially in underserved and rural communities. Increased tornadoes and more intense storms have done untold damage to the livelihoods of Tennesseans, like those in Nathaniel Doss III city of Chattanooga. Our state urgently needs leaders who will accept the science, invest in infrastructure, and combat the climate crisis that is already at our door.


His emphasis on climate justice is guided by his conviction and his understanding that “the Earth is the Lord’s.” He believes that we must be stewards of the earth our children will become heir to, and that we all should have the right to clean air and water. He also understands that our harm to the planet often causes those who can least afford it to experience the most tragic consequences, often communities of color and lower income populations.


Understanding the disproportionate impacts of climate change on marginalized communities, Nathaniel’s view of environmental justice doesn’t just focus on addressing long term challenges, but everyday problems. That means addressing the lack of access to clean water and air in many impoverished communities and the higher share of income many Black and brown households pay in energy bills, often as a result of limited cost saving tools like alternative energy sources. He also believes in working toward a clean economy that will create jobs, reduce pollution, and produce a world that our children can become heir to.


Clean energy has become one of the fastest growing sources of new jobs in America. As the global green energy economy develops, Nathaniel Doss III will work hard to ensure that no working Tennesseans are left behind in our transition to sustainable energy especially those who reside in Tennessee Congressional District 3. And he will push to ensure that those that overwhelmingly bear the brunt of intensifying climate change are prioritized in access to training and education to partake in profits.

Nathaniel Doss III, believes that solutions to climate change are moral issues and that we can act on the consensus that already exists among Americans by ignoring Washington special interests and putting effective, common sense policies in place.


As a Congressman, he will advocate for the United States to:

  • Prepare Tennessee Congressional District 3 with investments in green infrastructure, structural reinforcement and climate science;
  • Push for investment in resources, infrastructure, and education in communities of color to benefit in energy cost savings;
  • Advocate for marginalized people to receive training and education to participate in the green new economy and jobs;
  • Set goals for carbon reduction and robust climate standards for newly manufactured cars and infrastructure;
  • Encourage investment in clean energy and commit to transitioning to a clean economy by 2050; and
  • Hold polluters and utility companies accountable.